Little can describe the impact Richard has had on us. Over the next days and far into my life, I know I'll be thinking of, reliving, and cherishing those special moments with him - moments of when he made us laugh when we thought least possible, or gave us the confidence to do more than we ever thought able.  I will cherish sharing the last cookie across his kitchen table while untangling the next step in research, the familiar moment of settling into a chair in his office as he swung his feet onto the sofa and you knew it would be a meeting that would move you leaps forward, the giant hugs he gave, his large hand clasped across your shoulders as he walked with you down the hall, and his ability to "get it" whether it was a barely clarified research direction or the need for an understanding word (or original acronym). He was a mentor and, importantly, a friend of the highest level.  

-Lisa Kwan