Richard changed my life. In 1975 I had applied to the old MA in Ad Sci program at Yale and was turned down (via a form letter from Jim Mau who was associate dean of the Graduate School.) In a subsequent conversation with Jim he suggested that I apply as a "special registration student Jim talked with Richard and on a Saturday morning weeks later I answered my home phone and heard "Hi. This is Dick Hackman at Yale. We'd like to know if you are still interested in coming in to the program." Gasping, I said "But you are 4 weeks into the term!" "That's okay" said Richard "you can catch up." I went, I did catch up, and what seems like a life time later, with occasional prodding from Richard, I finished my Yale PhD in 1989. Richard changed the direction and outcomes of my life with that memorable phone call. He was a caring man with a great sense of humour. He will always live in a very special place in my life. We who knew him and cared about him whatever time and distance lay between us, have suffered a great loss.

-Chris Poulson, PhD Yale 1989