Richard's generosity was legendary. His remarkable gifts included his fundamental brilliance with people and his ability to be unflaggingly honest while simultaneously conveying his utter trust that you were capable, even obligated, to deliver your best. If you were afraid or uneasy, so be it. Confidence would come as you engaged the work. He was confident you could. Richard's students knew this first hand, but he offered the same to his colleagues. I only met Richard four years ago but he came into my life during a time of many transitions and opened many doors, including a literal one by offering me a space on the 15th floor of William James Hall and the incredible gift of time with him, his students, and his colleagues in Groups Group. I will always remember my first time meeting with him in his office (yes, he took off his shoes and lay on his couch!). Since I am a clinical psychologist-psychoanalyst, that didn't seem entirely strange (though yes it was a little odd in William James) and we had a magnificent conversation about Michigan (where I did my Ph.D.), clinical work, people, teams, and where I might take my interests. I loved hearing him whistle in the hall. I will remember always the friendly clap on the shoulder, his booming voice, and his passion. To his family, I offer my deepest condolences.

-Kimberlyn Leary