A few years ago I reached out to Richard to seek his help advising our most senior leadership teams within the National Park Service. He had been recommended by a colleague of his whom I had met during the Senior Executive Fellows Program years earlier. I was surprised by Richard's immediate and down-to-earth response, and his eagerness to work with us. I soon learned that he cared deeply about the preservation of our country's special places, and was therefore committed to improving the leadership of an organization dedicated to that mission. I subsequently had the privilege of working with him in multiple NPS locations, and each time witnessed his special magic. Richard's extensive knowledge and keen ability to assess what was really going on within a senior leadership team enabled him to hone in immediately on suggested ways to restructure to more effectively meet our organization's needs. More importantly, his quick wit and warm personality created a genuine relationship with his clients - an atmosphere of trust and respect. His impact has been substantial within the National Park Service, and his contributions to our future are yet to be truly realized. We are in his debt.

-Kathy Hanson