What an inspiration Richard has been to me throughout my career. His challenges to "do great work," "deal with real problems" and "come together intellectually across the crazy silos we create between disciplines" always ring in my ears as watchwords to live by in my scholarly life. He will be missed by so many who knew him well, but his inspiration will live on in the stories they pass on to those of us who knew him less well. I find myself at this moment inordinately glad that we (the OB division of the Academy of Management) honored him this past summer with our highest award. He was gracious and generous with his time at the meeting - I'm so glad we collectively got to honor him in what turned out to be his last meeting. We should all strive to be the contribution he was to our field. We will, of course, most likely fail to achieve it, but it is in the striving that we make a difference.

-Sue Ashford