Are there anonymous gambler meetings in New Delhi?


Gamblers in and around Delhi meet occasionally and share their gambling experiences with an aim to enhance every aspect of their routine gambling activities.

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) is one of the most successful secretive groups associated with gambling. Many members of this group these days have a clear plan for their anonymous gambler meetings in New Delhi and a goal to achieve profitable gambling

Though they are not interested to speak about their gambling activities in public, they open their mouth only after persistent SMSs and calls.

They immediately deny their betting in Indian Premier League and other popular sports in and around India. However, there are loads of questions about how these gamblers connect with existing and ex-players of sports like cricket to boost up their gambling.

cricket gamer


Sports betting addiction

Many people who love sports are shocked when they come to know about the anonymous meetings of ex-players and gamblers.

They get ever-decreasing interests to watch the live sports as they have a doubt that whether the sport bettors decide on everything in the sport in conjunction with players.

The sports betting addiction in India is worse than drug and alcohol addiction. Gamblers in India do so many things in secret and seek opportunities to fulfil their sports betting expectations.



There is a notable improvement in the recognition of the gambling group therapy in India and the overall benefits for everyone in this therapy program. Different things involved in this therapy may confuse almost every beginner.

You can spend enough time and decide on how to be successful in your way to reap benefits from this gambling group therapy. This program is designed to make essential changes in the lives of gamblers. Regular updates of this therapy are helpful a lot for gamblers to get back to the positive life without difficulty.