How to deposit money in Skrill from India for gambling?


Using Skrill in India for gambling is a most popular method to pay money on their betting account. In Skrill, you can do only Indian currency transaction and they won’t allow you to do transactions with other currencies.

It’s not an easy process to open Skrill account in India, you need to face some of the challenges for running a successful Skrill account. Opening Skrill account in India has four steps, here are the detailed explanations of it,

  • Opening an account.
  • Verifying the address and email.
  • Credit and debit card verification.
  • Bank account verification.

Step 1

For opening a new account visit and then sign up by entering your personal details. While entering the details you should be very careful because some mistakes in your details you may lead to problems. Also in the first step there will an indication for currency warning.

Step 2

After opening an account, they will verify your address and email. This is one of the simple process where the team will send an email to your address, after that you need to click the provided link.

Though it seems to be simple but verifying the physical address will table more time.


Step 3

This process is truly based on the money transactions, so before giving the credit and debit card details check the limits of those cards. Also need to face some of the RBI policy challenge in this step.

Step 4


After doing all the before process the final step is bank account verification. This process is little expensive and also do forget the reference number.

You can deposit money in Skrill from India for gambling in sports betting sites organization. They provide many options and also it is a worthy site for deposit money for gambling. After creating a successful account in this website then you will get a freedom to do all your transactions easily.